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Darmstadt (U better be inside)


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Gilles Frappier and Loïc Chaillou formed Darmstadt in 1999.

At the beginning, Darmstadt was above all a friendship story.
Two strong characters communicating through letters written like
lyrics battles ending in music.

After a first instrumental album not edited ("Test" 2001),
"U Better Be Inside" is the new opus of Darmstadt.

From 2001 to 2004, they have been participating to different artistic projects,
such as an exhibition about the electronic realm (Mix Move Festival),
or a performance during a concert at Le Café de La Danse for the release
of the compilation "Boyz Revenge!" (Tsunami-Addiction, Paris 2003).

In 2005, they have decided to record a new album, more structured and more pop.

Influenced by the culture and the music of Joy Division, the Stranglers and the Pixies,
Darmstadt creates at the same time tended and melodic, energetic and sensitive universes,
with a real obsession of the notes - notes which punctuate perfectly this reality.

A touch of colour is brought by the rhythm of voices: a sensual and life-loving partition,
the modernity of a music suggesting us in a whisper how they digested and echoed
the 80’s divisionesque generation.


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