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Milkymee (Tsunami-Addiction)


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Milkymee is Emilie Hanak.
She’s French, but lives in Sweden at the moment.
She’s 24.
She’s a folky singer. Unique.
Her voice is a kind of grungy pretty thing.

Milkymee takes part of Famous magazine issue 9 :
Famous issue 9, will be a special issue that will be dedicated to Milkymee’s debut album.
It will get another shape, another idea :
Famous issue 9 will be mingled with the album booklet.

Famous is a publication from Capricious BV

“The debut record of Milkymee sounds like something far different than a debut; the songs are minimal and traditional incorporating mostly a single guitar and voice this does not leave the tracks lacking any emotion instead it leaves the listener with a sense of rawness, and the sound has more references to the history of rock than singer/song writer-albums usually have.

French Emi Hanak aka Milkymee has a very special voice that is not typical of singer/song writers, she has a voice that belongs in a smokey rock bar where the dimly lit stage has a single old rangly chair, and you as the listener are placed in the very far back of the bar trying to pin-point weither Emi is angry, distraught or filled with some sort of emotional mix of elation and sadness.

Emi’s voice has a range when placed together with her music that is unparalleled. Milkymee’s songs are not of the regular brand of singer/song writer fare, the guitars are layered and sparse, yet they still tend to lie out a nice rug to pave the way for her voice. The chorus’ are placed into the background of each track flickering and giving the songs a sense of depth structure. The melodies stick with the listener directly, though they are short, usually no longer than a couple of minutes, they get to you and leave you humming them all day.

Often singer/songwriter albums give one the sense of a loneliness somewhere within the songwriters’ life and often a feeling of a lack of hope. They make one want to lie down on their bed and look toward the clouds dancing on the other side of the window; in this case it’s different. The songs have this clunky edginess, but played gently and sung softly and with a lovely tinge to the voice. It makes one want to hop onto a bicycle and tear down some gnarly traffic ridden road and roar.

Milkymee’s lyrics are sensitive, honest and straightforward. There are no traces of bullshit, nothing within trying to romantize the picture.

We saw a star that was shining in a different way
And even though it was maybe one of these ugly
And heavy and black satellites
Beyond any doubt I think that it suit us right
As we were trying to fix
Our so called lives under the moonlight

fr. Sleezy Bar

Within Emi’s lyrics there is an underlying feeling of the stories of a duo; a friend, a lover, or an alter ego coming through the single voice within the songs.

“Songs for Herr Nicke” is a debut album made by a young musician, however, one can’t sense any trace of age, the voice within the songs are devoid of naivety and is instead blue-eyed and clear, ageless. Milkymee is tough and gentle in the same breath, listen.”

Cindy Lee

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