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Capital Exchange (Best Company)


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Communication Concept

Based on two axes :
Anti-logo/ evolutive (no precise typography)
Ludic / poetic (to be completed, personnalisable manually)

The basic idea is to extract the "X" virtually in order to widen its semantics like its chart.
Basic logo : CAPITAL EXCHANGE Logo without "X" : CAPITAL E CHANGES

The logo with manual intervention: CAPITAL EX*CHANGE "X" is then added by hand like
a cross or scratches. The logo is thus printed without "X". However, there will be a complete
version of this one, a claw ("X") already scanned.

Definition of the "X" :
X = "X"
X = Cross
X = Crossroads
X = To mark off
X = Junction
X = Collision
X = Meeting
X = Destruction
X = Unknown
X = Different each time
X = Various
X = to complete
X = International
X = Intime/ personal + logo personnalisable
X = Interaction
X = Poetic
X = Open minded
X iD...

The "X" :
The exchange results in the handwritten intervention of "X" (or the "cross"), a kind of exchange,
trace symbolic system and anonymity (personal touches) corresponding to the ludic face
of the logo. Each one thus brings its key, like a kind of "claw" = valid manual buffer.

The "X" can undergo an extrapolation, possibility of playing with, of replacing it by another
graphic element. Example : a death’s-head (forming an"X"). ...free of imagination.

No restrains :
Knowing that the insertion of an existing logo is always a large restrain for a graphic designer,
no typography is defined. At the time of the second exhibition "Capital Exchange" (e.g. CEx Japan)
the next intervenant will be able to designe the logo with its favorite typography.
For this first edition, it is the typo "Goudy bold" that is used.

It does not matter the typography, but always in capital letters to keep a certain solidity
and imposing presence : CAPITAL... ExCHANGE, EXCHANGE

Must never be presented in this form: eXchange, Exchange

Example of application on the invitation : CAPITAL E CHANGES
If you think to be present at the opening "Capital Exchange - Paris Amsterdam",
Saturday March 12 at 19h15, Thanks to cross the empty box (to finish logotyper Capital Exchange)
and send back the detachable part to the address indicated below.

Example of application for scenography :
Kinds of collect’ of "claws" :
On a wall, with the input of theWhite Box, we could print and duplicate around fifty times
the logo CAPITAL E CHANGES (without "X") and thus left the visitors complete this one
(indicated by a legend).

a. Definition :
The communication is based on the not-established, at the border of The "non" visual identity.
An evolutionary communication, opened with the creativity of whoever, not inevitably
with professionals of the image.

With little means, is characterized by a pertinant choice and impacting supports of communication.
No color is defined, to see no color at whole, this one perhaps can be defined spontaneously :
"I have only this pen on me... Just the forward setting of "X" is essential.

b. Photographs :
The theme of Event10’s intervention (except retrospective), is the plastic, cheap support,
destroy and usual bag that we divert into an absurd object/ sculpture. In other words, a setting
of the artists with plastic bags. It is not "to take the artists for waste" but quite to the contrary
to suggest their developed creativity using ridiculous means.

c. Supports :
T-shirt : print the typo without the "X". The cross is made with a marker
(variation colors + graphical style).
Plastic bags (fetish obejct of the exhibition) : idem (print without the "X")
Transparent Stickers : idem (print without the "X")
Adhesive tapes : idem (print without the "X")

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