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Capital Exchange (Best Company)


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Capital Exchange, Paris "Tsunami-Addiction,
experimental recreation with the creme brulee of Parisian counterculture".
Consortium/ Café Pakhuis Wilhelmina - Amsterdam (NL), March 2005

Capital Exchange is a public arena for progressive culture.
CEx facilitates an array of gatherings for research and development of a growing sub-economy
by the global DIY society. CEx hosts artists and voices from [capital] cities around the world
to share [capital] input for a constructive dialogue between cultural, commercial and administrative
parties on the creation of an alternative for, or a more sharing adaptation of the currently
dominant capitalist system. Progressive culture can not be submitted to commercial value systems,
but it can successfully co-exist on its own terms, adding its own value to society.

The first edition of Capital Exchange introduced the Parisian artists collective Tsunami-Addiction
to Amsterdam for the weekend of 12 & 13 March 2005. The event featured a White Cube part
with an exhibition by designers Event10, the In-Shop selling T-A related products, a symposium
with the artists moderated by Jeremy Abbot from i-D magazine and a cinema with favourite
cult movies selected by T-A. The Black Box part featured an intimate dinner party with
the T-A artists and live concerts and DJ sets by Hypo, dDamage, Genau, The Very Ape
and Jeremy Abbot.

Capital Exchange is a Best Company project
and is generously supported by the Mondriaan Foundation,
Prins bernhard Cultuurfonds and Heineken.

Participants and intervenors :
dDamage, Dorothée Perret, Event10, Genau,
Hypo, Jeremy Abbott, Reiko Underwater, The Very Ape.

Collaboration : Thomas Toqué


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