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Lee 101 (Tsunami-Addiction)


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Fall 2002 the Lee 101Room hits London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Milan.
The Lee 101Room is conceived as a place where people from different cities construct
something positive. It’s a reaction against Room101 as created by George Orwell
in his legendary novel ‘1984’. His Room101 is a terrible place: ‘the worst thing in the world’.
It is a de-programming room, creating your own personal hell. The only way to escape
it is to cooperate with The Party (Big Brother) by betraying a friend.

At the beginning of the 21st century Big Brother is closer than we think.
The upcoming Anti Globalism and No Logo movements fight this development.

But what about a ‘pro-value’ or ‘pro-meaning’ movement? That’s the goal
of the Lee 101Room. The Lee 101 Room is a gathering place for young people centered
around their personal dreams instead of their personal hell. Notice that we literally turn
the name around: ‘101 Room’ instead of ‘Room 101’. It will be constructed by what we call
‘Lee Builders’. The Lee Builders are not anti, nor are they part of a counterculture.
They agree with the goals of these movements, but would do it differently themselves;
more clever, more constructive. By changing the system from within.

As a starting point, in all five cities, Lee builders were chosen. The group represents
interesting disciplines in the different cities (performing arts in Amsterdam, visual design
in Berlin, electronic music in Paris, journalism in London and graphic design in Milan).
In the Lee 101 Room they unite their skills into one constructive and inspiring project.

So we proudly present. From Berlin: Leigh Haas, visual designer. From London:
Sarah Hay, journalist. From Paris: dDamage, electronic noise band. From Amsterdam:
Martin Butler, choreographer. From Milan: Golab, graphic designers.
The result of this collaboration will be shown from half October until the end of November
in the different cities. Every weekend, the Lee 101Room will hit a different city.

© Tsunami-Addiction 2002, Paris

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