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• 1. Who is Event10 ?
Event10 are two artists/ graphic designers.
Benoit Robert (27) for the Art Direction andThomas Toqué (26) for the multimedia conception.
They know how to combine the technical precision of actual graphical tools to artistic
hand-made medium, working not only on the definition of an “image” but also on the proper matter.
T-A use to work with E10 as its exclusive art directors. And because the music is the principal
influence to them, they also work on diverse cover design of records from independent labels,
fashion and contemporary art catalogs, collaborated with different artists and a lot
of projects are in progress.

• 2. Which of the Action Suspension-artists have you done cover to and which albums ?
Covers done for AS Corpus :
(Active Suspension and Clapping Music are divisions of AS CORPUS)
 - (CLAP12001) "Lab° friendly remixed by :" My Jazzy Child/ Erich Zahn/ Encre/ King Q4 (33t)
 - (CLAP12002) "Trop Singe" E.P. dDamage/ TTC (33t)
 - (CLAP001CD) "King Q4" King Q4 (CD)
 - (CLAP002CD) "Encre" Encre (CD)
 - (ACD06) "Active Suspension vs. Clapping Music,
a deviant Electronic, Pop & Interstellar Folk Opus by french Artists :
Domotic/ Encre/ O.lamm/ King Q4/ Hypo/ My Jazzy Child/ Shinsei/ Noak Katoi/
Davide Balula/ Colleen/ Herz Chain/ Concermate/ Orval Carlos/ Sibelius/ Quasigital Love/
TTC feat : Dose One & Hi Tekk Le Receleur/ dDamage/ Sogar/ The Konki Duet/
Fabrique de Couleurs/ RudDe/ Emmanuelle De Héricourt"(compilation CD)
 - (ACDO7) "My favorite things. Odotlamm dereconstrucovered by Fabrique de Couleurs/
My Jazzy Child/ Team Doyabi/ Shinsei & Regressive Audio/ Blevin Blectum/ Erich Zahn/
Yoshihiro Hanno/ Ovil Bianca/ Hypo/ Discom/ Steve Roden/ Gordz/ Noak Katoi/
Alejandra & Aeron/ Odot & Miss Quentin/ dDamage/ Domotic" (CD)
 - (AS13) "Loops Strings and Bells" My jazzy Child (45t)
 - (AS14) "Babies" Colleen (45t)
 - (ACD09) "Random Veneziano" Hypo

• 3. How would you describe your graphic design-style ? How do you use to work ?
Benoit : Our work is intuitive and indirect, made by craftsmen and experimental...
tortured and minimal, sobre and trash... contradictory, destructive, sick, maniac and grouchy.
I’m trying with fun to forget the client/artist with whom I am working for, and afterwards
I am trying to include their constrains, if there is some.
I feel closer to the visual culture of the North countries than the culture from France.
In other words, Event10 is trying to run away from its origins to tend to creative instability.

• 4. Anything more you would like to say or do you want to tell me about a work you have done ?
Gloria a.k.a Reiko Underwater de Tsunami-Addiction
is our attraction pole towards the non-established. We love her !

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