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Decorated of a point like an additional assertion. Of course, this fanzine is confidential,
ultraconfidential: drawn between 100 and 250 copies. What does not prevent beautiful successes
of regard, since its form and its contents are well soaked, which doesn’t look to anything else.
The history of Famous merges with that of the "In-Shop", a kind of concept-store of a day
where are gathered edition, music, clothes and sometimes even toys. The common point:
independence. They are often own-produced, except traditional distribution, and the economic
factor is not their obsession. The names of the participants are not immediately familiar but
a check in the list of first Famous (May 2002) comes retrospectively to validate the curiosity inspired
of the choice: dDamage, Kutt magazine, Dorothée Perret, Dilettante, Event10...
More than one market, it is a space which is created, for a day or two, a concert (free) ;
the central theme of In-Shop remains the music.

In-Shop is a space that some guests come to use, and Famous functions on the same principle.
The last number (6) is thus completely written in english since the call for contributions and
the theme (Unofficial Identities) seem to have inspired more the other side of the Atlantic.
It is the spirit in which Famous is published which speaks about In-Shop, and not a presentation
of each participant, for example the series "NYC Undercovered Anarkids" which treats resistance
of the left American, in purified and powerful visual writing, near to the AD of Event10.
A recurring element, Famous does not have any rules: when the first issue gathers anonymous
and theorical texts on the musical creation, the fourth issue takes the opposite course
by proposing nineteen "personalities", has through 21 questions, banal or general.
And less serious, where the detachment of the result is left to the discretion of the one questioned.
The small amount of copies makes it as an artisanalobject, manufactures by hands,
sometimes screen printed, soaked in water (num. 4) or in red ink, by chance, like the last number.
These details increasing the emotional value of Famous, which in addition is free - and produced
at loss, obviously. Although conceived like an opened space, Famous has been created and
still coordinated by Reiko Underwater, editor of compilations of electro inspirations (electronica,
electro rock, electro punk, lo-fi, digital hip-hop...), in-between others activities. Its structure :
Tsunami Addiction, "an experimental office of independent research and artistic development
tied to music". The roads of the edition are sometimes sinuous.

Angelo Cirimele

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