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Event 10, 2 boys with the serious mines, Benoit Robert and Thomas Toqué,
50 years with both of them. The first is busy with the art direction and graphic design,
the second, of the multi-media part and video animation. Since 3 years and half,
they develop the graphic charter of the edgy labels Tsunami Addiction and Active Suspension.
Their "Event 0" gathered 99 covers of albums ,all conceived by hands,
for the collective of young artists Evenement.

In 99, they carry out the cover of the album of the alternative musician My Jazzy Child.
A cover suffering from bad treatment, lacerated with blows of cutter, crushed as if one
had walked onto him, it is a miracle but the cd remains intact: "CD is absolutely not changed
because it is not played conceptual for nothing". In 2000, it is the cd of the experimental singer
Noak Katoi, which they sabotage by soaking it in adhesive vinyl, causing mist in the cover.
They often collaborate with the photographer Camille Vivier, who realize series for Numéro,
Crash and Purple. Together they have realized the cover of the album of the young artist Encre
and more recently the double compil’ of the labels Active Suspension and Clapping Music.
Screen printed vinyls where appear the 15 portraits of profile of the 15 artists represented:
"to go with this experimental music, one east takes as a starting point the portraits of
the broken faces of 14-18." They have done the AD of a cultural magazine, semi-English
semi-French, Famous with the team of Addiction Tsunami. A soft mixture of photocopies
and printings in black and white. "we wanted to keep the DIY side as trade marks".
A Magazine which seems sometimes to have lived thousand existences because the boys
play with dirtying it and soaking it. Last year, they have realized the cover of the sound record
Dior Homme by Readymade, the aritste of F.com. A cover, this time, very clear, very Hedi Slimane,
with the dark classicism, very black and white. Benoit and Thomas assert an esthetism
near constructivism, Dutch and German graphics and medieval painting. Last January,
they were busy with the album of Hypo: a weird photograph of Jean-François Lepage illustrating
a young man in a stuffed sweat shirt: "it is a kind of return to the old days a bit stupid ».
Lastly, in Spring should come out the catalogue of the very young brand T_O Sev_N
(pronounce two seven): "a judicious plaquette of presentation which never have
to show the clothes". Nothing conceptual.

Julie Boukobza

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